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Bonjour mes amis!

Today I bring you guys a playlist I made for one of my favorite books of all time! If you didn’t know, I listen to music while I read because it helps me zone everything out and concentrate on reading. Kind of weird, I know, but it works for me. I tried to pick songs that represent the book as a whole and as well as some that go with a particular scene, character, etc. It’s not perfect by any means but I’m satisfied, for now, with the songs and the flow from one song to the next!



Did you enjoy the playlist? Discover any new artists that you may want to check out later? What songs do you associate with this book? Should I continue making more? Should the playlist be longer, shorter, or is it just right?



8 thoughts on “Playlist | A Conjuring of Light

    1. Thanks! Oh definitely. Most people I know can’t listen to music because it’s a distraction. I just recently started listening to film scores and I’m in love. I can’t read without listening to film scores now! I may have to check out the Outlander soundtrack then!


    1. Aww thanks! It’s so fun trying to find songs that fit a book but it can be hard at times since I don’t know what every song is about, I’m just aimlessly hoping to come across a song that fits. I hope you enjoy some, if not all, of these songs! Panic is amazing tbh!! 😍😍

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