OMG This Song Book Tag

Bonjour mes amis! Comment ça va?

I have a tag for you guys today and I am SOOOOO excited for it. I was searching the almighty, Internet, for book tags (as if I don’t already have a million tags to do) when I came across the OMG This Song Book Tag. It was created by the lovely Kate over at Katesbookdate and all you have to do is answer the questions/prompts with a book and a song. Now, I’ve decided to do 2 songs per prompt because I just couldn’t help myself. There couldn’t be a more perfect book tag for me tbh, so without further ado, let’s get started!

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Burn, Rewrite or Reread Book Tag

Bonjour mes amis! Comment ça va?

Today I have the Burn, Rewrite or Reread book tag, which was officially made by Lauren Ann over at Youtube (video here). I was tagged by the lovely Dorka over at Berries and Books! Make sure to go check out her blog because it is amazing! The rules for this tag are pretty simple. First, write down a couple of books and pick out three. Then, choose which one you’d burn, which one you’d rewrite and which you’d reread. And that’s about it. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Throne of Glass Book Tag

Bonjour mes amis! Comment ça va?

Today I bring you guys a book tag (obviously)! The Throne of Glass book tag was created by Hannah from soobsessedwith and Alexa from alexalovesbooks. I was tagged by the lovely Jessica over at Reading with Jessica! If you haven’t already, check out all of these wonderful blogs!

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The Book Aesthetics Tag

Bonjour mes amis! Comment ça va?

Today I have a tag for you guys called “the book aesthetics tag”. So I saw Lia, over at lost in a story, do this tag and I just knew I had to do it. If you’ve read or even just glanced at my reviews, then you know I LOVE doing aesthetics so who would I be if I didn’t do this tag?! Without further ado, here are my aesthetic making skills put to the test.

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Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

We are already half way through June and I’m in shock. HOW IS IT ALMOST JULY ALREADY??? I’ve only read 26 books so far this year but I’m still happy with that number considering that last year, at around the same time, I had only read 9 books. Major improvement in my opinion. But let’s get started on the tag before I ramble for hours!

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R.I.P. It or Ship It Book Tag

Hi guys! Today I’m going to be doing the R.I.P. It or Ship It Book Tag. Yes, I am way behind on this bandwagon but better late than never, right? This tag was created by the wonderful emmmabooks. I wasn’t tagged by anyone but I thought it would be a fun tag to do. For this tag all you need to do is put characters names into a jar and pick two at random. After that you decide if you rip it or ship it. This is going to be extremely hard for me because I love my ships and I don’t want to see them with other people, besides me of course, but I’m willing to try to forget that for the sake of this tag. Even though I say that, I’m probably going to ship 80% of the pairs because I can. So let’s get started!

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